Tuesday, January 25, 2011

President Obama State of the Union address

I'm going to jump start this blog again, inviting my students to participate. This year looms large for the success or failure of educational reform initiatives. On the radar are preliminary returns or results of the Race to the Top program which called for states to make radical changes in their operations, ARRA or American Restoration and Recovery Act which saved many teacher jobs, and the expected reauthorization of the NCLB or No Child Left Behind law.

I will post several short snippets, comments as they come up, relating to any and all educational matters reported (or not) in the mainstream media. I'm interested in other education blogs and will comment here and there as these bits of information surface.

I'm interested in YOUR opinions, but also what sources of information you are drawing the information from. Please use this blog location to give me feedback on what I'm saying, and let me know what you are saying too!