Monday, September 21, 2015

Jesse Hagopian speaks at Fighting Bob Fest 2015

Here is a speech by educator, activist, and author Jesse Hagopian on the heels of the successful Seattle Teachers Association job action. Jesse recounted some of the stories of that momentous event as well as reading passages from his book More than a score. Documented by Phil Haney and Todd Alan Price, this Fighting Bob Fest 2015 keynote in Madison, Wisconsin on September 19, 2015, set the tone for a day of progressive politics. We will be forwarding a companion article to this video shortly.

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  1. I said to my-self "WOW" when I heard Jesse Hagopian said children had a less than 15 minutes of play time because children needed to get educated more to raise their test score. It is very sad to believe that there is a great amount of pressure on test scores rather than actual individual learning. I believe individual's learning speed/style is different, and it is necessary to tell children that it is fine even if you are a slow learner. All they have to do is put effort to learn.