Monday, October 19, 2015

TED school in Adana, Turkey

This is the strategic mission "letter from the president" of the Turkish Education Association, thought I would post it here for consideration:

Our great leader and the first President of the Turkish Republic Ataturk lit the torch of the Turkish Education Association in 1928, and since then we have always felt committed to pursue our mission, one of which is supporting the education of successful students in financial need by providing countrywide scholarships. However scholarship means nothing if it is not accompanied with healthy social, cultural training and moral support. Students who are awarded TED scholarships benefit not only from financial means to continue their education but also from the support provided by specialists for their healthy social and psychological development, as well as enjoying the assurance that they are a member of the large TED family. This is ho more than 48,000 young torches so far have all developed a strong sense of belonging to Ataturk's principles and to our country, which is an inevitable effect of being a member of TED family.

From the short time I spent at the school today, I appreciated the wrap around services the school offered. Generally there were 300 students (its been in operation a few short years, up to middle level) the kids attend from 9-5 which includes after school activities (soccer, dance for example) and the teachers also receive rides from the buses that take students to and fro. Some simple pictures below and more soon to come.

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